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The Iron Giant
Episode 1731st August 2019 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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If you've downloaded this because you've seen The Iron Giant - big pat on the back and well done for doing so! Take a listen as I go on an almighty rant about why people under-appreciate animation and why The Iron Giant contradicts the myth that animation is just for children, whilst also being a master-class in animation, theme, characters and voice talent.

If you've downloaded this because you haven't seen The Iron Giant, but trust what comes out of my mouth, I'm going to say..... PLEASE WATCH THE IRON GIANT! And then come back and listen for all the reasons above. It saddens me you haven't seen it, but I understand why. 1999 was incredibly saturated for excellence in cinema. But this..... this is worth the watch. If you only trust me once, trust me on this.

This is not just animation. Animation is never just animation. The Iron Giant proves more so than any animated feature that to class animation as "just" animation is plain and simply idiotic.

Animation is not a genre.

Animation is everything.

The Iron Giant is a masterpiece.

Bravo Brad Bird. You clever amazing man. I might just love you more than Keanu..... (maybe not, but it's close!)

Pete Townshend's A Friend of a Friend animated video for 1989's The Iron Man is at

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Buy yourself a copy of The Iron Giant for my birthday. Genuinely all I could ever want.

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