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YouTube’s Travel Man Dan, Danny Salay, On His Multicountry Online Experiences
Episode 172nd August 2019 • Geopats Online • Stephanie Fuccio
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In this podcast episode we chat with Actor and YouTuber Danny Salay. He is an Actor that got frustrated by the gatekeepers in the Entertainment Industry in the U.S. so he did what many expats do, he changed countries to increase his range of opportunities. And it worked like a charm. Not only did he get a lot of acting work during his 6 years in China but he started his YouTube channel, Travel Man Dan, as well. In this episode we dive into how his online activities changed when he made this move from the U.S. to China and back. No matter where Danny has been geographically or virtually; his positive attitude, hard work ethic and patience to build his dream one step at a time is inspirational. More on our conversation down below, but first let’s talk money. ​

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