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Transformational wisdom with Brandon Peavy : From Firefighter to Entrepreneur
Episode 81st July 2024 • Success Leaves Clues: An Automotive Industry Podcast • SLCAutoPodcast
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In this episode, Brandon Peavy shares his inspiring journey from starting as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic at the age of 16 to becoming a successful entrepreneur managing multiple businesses. He discusses how he transitioned from the fire service to founding an ambulance company and later, an auto repair shop named Route 11 Automotive. Brandon also talks about the challenges he faced in the ambulance industry, particularly dealing with fraud and regulation. He recounts the pivotal decisions that led to the expansion of his auto repair business and highlights the importance of mentorship and community support in his growth. Brandon provides some deep foundational wisdom he's learned in his career helping others. In his words, there is no plateau, you're either going up or down. Get ready to go up with this awesome conversation.

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