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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 17, 17th August 2020
Chapter 17. You Phil up my senses.
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Chapter 17. You Phil up my senses.

Would you believe there was no shortage of possible titles for Chapter 17. I could have gone with;

'That Mr Brown, he's a Sound Guy'


'Two go mad in South America'

or even

'Departures II: Dude, where's my airline'

In the end I kinda liked the John Denver reference.

So, buckle up in the back of your mini-van, and relive the highs, lows, warms, freezings, lost luggage, lost check-in clerks and lost airlines of the h Natural tour of South America. Did I say I left my sunglasses in the van? Got em back 3 days later. Hooray!

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