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How Port X Triples Growth with Turvo’s Modern, Collaborative TMS
Episode 78915th December 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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As businesses grow, what they need from their partners expands and evolves. But the drivers of change don’t just come from within. Pressure from competitors and new demand from customers have an impact on what a company wants to offer and the way they offer it.

Jeff Graan is the Vice President of Sales Engineering with Turvo and Tom Zeis is with Port X Logistics. Port X Logistics specializes in expediting containerized cargo throughout the United States and Canada. Given the levels of disruption in the supply chain over the last couple of years, they have been receiving an increase in requests to expedite freight. They worked with Turvo to develop their multimodal capabilities, ensuring that their customers could access all the information they need in one place and in as close to real time as possible.

In this episode, which was created as part of a Supply Chain Now livestream, Jeff and Tom join co-hosts Greg White and Scott Luton to share how Port X Logistics tripled its growth with Turvo’s TMS:

• Why it is absolutely critical for companies facilitate communication between all of their ‘supply chain constituents’

• How well-implemented, user-friendly technology can play an active role in creating a culture of customer service

• What they think business leaders can expect to see from the supply chain in 2022 and beyond

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