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39. Losing a Piece of Yourself & Finding Home — [Morgan Hudik]
Episode 3924th April 2022 • Becoming Human • Tyler Kleeberger
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What causes a person to sign up for an Ironman? For Morgan Hudik, it was a major surgery as a result of her family’s genetics. Not having a BRCA gene forced Morgan to make a huge decision that came with major changes, major loss, and deep pain. 

But Morgan’s story is an example of taking deep pain and turning it into deep love. She’s an extrovert, but she has created a wise, welcoming presence that holds the deepest wounds of the human condition. Her life has become a medium for creating belonging, healing, hope, connection, and beauty in the world around her. 

She makes the world feel more at home — but first, she had to learn to be at home with herself. 

How did Morgan come to embody such a presence? What does a real kind of life look like? And how can we — in a dark, difficult, and painful world — learn to do the same?