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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 107, 27th December 2019
Thanks To 2019, Welcome 2020 with Songs by Bruce Hilliard
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Thanks To 2019, Welcome 2020 with Songs by Bruce Hilliard

Host Bruce Hilliard here. I created the Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show  so there’s a platform and an audience for creative people like you to share your work. It’s the World’s Got Talent Show  where everyone wins.

I believe everybody can write and writing our thoughts is a healthy thing to do. Writing music is no different, maybe better. Music and songs have a universal way of connecting with people like no other form of sharing thoughts and emotions. I think the backstories about the song and where the writer is coming from enhances the appreciation and the buzz. The best way to appreciate and understand the song and the artist is to hear the composer speak first-hand. That's what this is about. The backstories of the artist and their work.

I spent this Christmas with my older brother Gary and his wonderful wife Lynda. There were old childhood photos and plenty of reminiscing. We've both played music and made tons of recordings together.

Better Each Day, the intro/outro music used for every show was recorded by Gary and performed by Blake Swensen, bass, Chaz Holmes on drums and me, guitars and vocals. Brother Gary did the recording and if my memory serves me, some of the "ahhs."

The other two songs featured are Midnight Arrow, a lost rough recording from some 25 years ago and a new one, Sam. Again, rough recordings but I always hear a voice in the back of my head saying "better each day."