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5 Myths on How to Learn German Vocabulary Words-Busted!
Episode 2311th January 2022 • German With • Nicole Warner, LLC
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A lot of what you might read on the internet on how to learn German vocabulary words is really a lot of hot air & hooey.

In this episode we'll bust 5 myths on vocabulary learning and give you a clearer picture of why vocabulary learning is important.

After all, if you don't know what the words'll be up a creek without a paddle.

The 5 Myths:

  1. You only need to learn 3,000 words to truly speak German!
  2. Vocabulary isn't as important as grammar.
  3. Learning vocabulary is as boring as watching paint dry.
  4. You need to learn all the German words RIGHT NOW!
  5. The only way to learn vocabulary is with flashcards (rote memorization).

You can find the quote from my client on German vocabulary learning in the accompanying blog post.

"The Six Parts of Learning German":

The graphic in that blog post should be helpful for you if you are a visual learner.


Download your free A1-A2-B1 German Sentence Structure Guide:

  • All the sentence structure you need at each level.
  • 5 pages of clear examples.
  • Including English translations.

Nicole Warner is Frau Warner of and is a German learner (certified level C2) and a certified instructor for German as a Foreign Language. She lived in Germany from 2003-2008 and has traveled widely in Germany. Frau Warner has helped people learn to communicate in German since 2010. - Your anchor on the stormy seas of German learning.™

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