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The RISE Podcast - Research on Improving Systems of Education (RISE) EPISODE 3, 13th August 2021
Shintia Revina
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Shintia Revina

In this episode of the RISE Podcast, Dr Shintia Revina, Deputy Team Lead of the RISE Indonesia country research team and a researcher at SMERU in Jakarta, speaks with Yue-Yi Hwa (RISE Research Fellow at Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government). During the episode, they discuss insights and issues emerging from RISE Indonesia’s growing body of research about the teaching profession. Points of discussion include gaps between policy expectations and reality, constraints from entrenched political priorities and institutional structures, and the benefits and challenges of conducting research using reflective diary entries by novice teachers.  


Guest biography

Shintia Revina is the Deputy Team Leader for the RISE Indonesia team based at the SMERU Research Institute. She holds a doctorate in mathematics education from the University of Hong Kong, a master’s degree in mathematics education from Freudenthal Institute Utrecht University, and an undergraduate degree in mathematics education from State University of Jakarta (UNJ). She is currently working on the impact of pre-service teacher training programmes on the quality of teacher candidates and how the programme contributes to student learning improvement, specialising in teacher education and curriculum and instruction.

More information at: https://smeru.or.id/en/content/shintia-revina


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