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How to be Superbold in 90 Days with Fred Joyal
Episode 9425th May 2022 • This Shit Works • Julie Brown
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How many opportunities to meet someone have you missed, because you were too shy to approach someone, because you hesitated and then the moment was gone? Have you missed the opportunity to walk up to someone famous or that you really admire because you just couldn’t get yourself to do it. What would your life be like if you never missed an opportunity like that again. 

Fred Joyal thinks that boldness is a gift – but not something that you are gifted with or born with- but a gift we can all give ourselves. That boldness can indeed be learned, and he’s created a 90 day roadmap based on his PRIDE method. Listen in to learn how you can go from shy to SUPERBOLD in 90 days.

Drink of the Week: Bold Fashion

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