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The Six Minutes of Calm Audio
19th March 2020 • Six Minutes of Calm during Coronavirus Outbreak • Jennifer Norris-Nielsen
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Give yourself a short break to calm your system and boost your wellbeing with this short audio. It includes suggestions that promote your ability to start and improve habits that increase your chances of staying healthy.

The body does best when it feels settled and safe. And this six-minute recording will guide you to a place where you can accept positive suggestions, summon your internal resources, and feel better. Listen to it whenever you feel you need support.

Interested in getting the full "mental massage"? You can find the full album of 5 hypnotic meditations including "Automatic Hand Washing Habit", "Healthy Habits to Support in the Stress of the Coronavirus Outbreak", Easy Social Distancing", "Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face Automatically", and "Reducing Anxiety during Covid19 Pandemic" on

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