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#25 Josh Vaisman – Caring for those that provide veterinary care
Episode 2513th January 2020 • The Veterinarian Success Podcast • Isaiah Douglass
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In this episode, Josh Vaisman Co-Founder of Flourish Veterinary Consulting joins to talk about how a personal burnout crisis lead him to find his passion, which is helping those that work in veterinary medicine have long, happy, and flourishing careers providing the best care they can.

· How working at PetSmart lead him to his introduction into veterinary medicine.

· How his career developed, and he found his specialization in practice management.

· The relationships that allowed for some tremendous opportunities for financial and professional growth.

· Why he felt burned out and how he knew he could not carry on doing everything the way it was currently structured.

· How Flourish was founded.

· The ideas and concepts behind positive psychology

· The virtuous up-cycle

· Why we are looking to be at a +5 stage of life

· How to approach life more positively and the spillover effects of that.

· The scientific and statistical evidence of positive workplace culture.

· What is an ENPS Score. Why they matter for veterinary hospitals. Also, the average being between -10 and 10.

· Helping co-launch the Power of Ten Leadership Program for Practice Managers.


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