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Holistic Bitches Episode 25 | The Myths About Red Light Therapy Vs Quantum Healing With Leanne Venier
10th August 2022 • Holistic Bitches Unfiltered • Lesley Rubinoff
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Everyone got excited when red light therapy started popping up, celebrities were endorsing companies and Chinese factories were pumping out panels.

What If I told you, that most of those so-called 'light therapy devices are nothing more than industrial plant grow lights originally designed and built for blasting out high-intensity light for growing plants? Once light therapy started getting popular, those same Industrial grow lights were re-branded and resold as light therapy devices. Complete with fancy marketing and a nice FAT sticker price! You would be pissed! So was I!

You do not want to miss this episode with the brilliant Leanne Venier as we dive into the myths, facts, and what type of panel you really want.

Leanne is the pioneer who validated the science of light therapy for the masses, including the medical community. Over 17 years ago, more than a decade before she launched her own Quantum Biophotonic Light Therapy invention, the REDjuvenator. She essentially created the light therapy industry with her medical teachings well before she ever launched her own product line.

REDjuvenator Therapy is a powerful combination of Energy Medicine, all the benefits of acupuncture (and then some), a synergistic blend of harmonizing light therapy frequencies, AND Quantum Healing! #Mindblowing

Show Notes

Quantum Healing means healing using energy and frequency that is at a subatomic level, not visible to the human eye, and not visible to typical Western medicine chemistry-based tests. 

The REDjuvenator's quantum healing aspect focuses on healing the energy body which is where our life force energy circulates and energizes our physical body. 

These Quantum healing Energies combine with the synergistic light therapy frequencies in the REDjuvenator formulations to provide full system healing of both the energy body and the physical body while penetrating all of the body's tissues, organs, and brain.

Most physical imbalances, illnesses, and diseases start in the energy body and eventually show up in the physical body.

The REDjuvenator with its Quantum Energy Healing Codes, focus on healing the energy body AND the physical body, by filling your life force energy.

The REDjuvenator opens up blockages in the energy channels (also known as meridians) that circulate that life force energy throughout the physical body.

REDjuvenator therapy also heals anywhere that there has already had cellular or tissue damage, injured body parts, pain or inflammation, or any organ disruption, hormonal imbalance, toxic buildup, etc in the physical body. 

And it also heals at a psychological and emotional level.

Leanne Venier,

2x Medical-award-winning Inventor of REDjuvenator Therapy, Science of Light Therapy Pioneer, Engineer (former submarine designer), Eastern Medicine Physician, Medical Researcher, International award-winning Artist & Professional Speaker

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