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Breaking Down Patriarchy and Difficult Stories – with Susan Warren & Red O'Hare
Episode 3430th August 2022 • Breaking Down Patriarchy • Amy McPhie Allebest
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We have a long way to go in our work of deconstructing oppressive systems, and one of the most challenging aspects of doing this work is being able to look at the pain these systems have already caused and are actively causing. It’s being able to listen to one another’s most difficult stories and do so with courage and compassion, without giving up our hope for the future. We can let these stories be lit as beacons to guide our way. We can let them be lit as a fire that drives us forward.

On today's episode we hold spare for hard stories.

As a caution for listeners, these stories will include explicit discussions of physical and sexual abuse, child marriage, domestic partner violence, and self-harm — and we recognize that this subject matter won’t make for easy listening. But we hope you’ll stay with us because these stories not only spread knowledge and challenge our empathy, they also help us understand how women and nonbinary people can persevere through hardships and still share a light with the world.

We're so grateful to be joined by Red O'Hare and Susan Warren who each share stories of survival.