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S4 EP118: Toni Nicole: Placenta previa + Positive Caesarean Birth
Episode 1189th June 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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On today’s show we hear the birth story of Mount Isa midwife, Toni. 

Toni found herself on an unexpected journey when she discovered she was pregnant. With her relationship still in its early stages, an extra layer of complexity was added to her path.Throughout her pregnancy, Toni encountered numerous hurdles. Working in the midwifery space, she was exposed to confronting realities that stirred fear within her. Meanwhile, the pain of a relationship breakdown weighed heavily on her heart, intertwining with the challenges she faced. Aware of the outdated practices prevalent in her small hospital, she knew she had to navigate and advocate for herself.

During her 20-week scan, Toni received the unexpected news of having placenta previa. Initially, she remained unfazed, holding onto hope that it would resolve itself as her pregnancy progressed. However, as time wore on, the reality of the situation began to sink in, and her dreams of a physiological birth gradually faded away. The weight of this loss brought about a profound sense of grief, as she mourned the birth experience she had envisioned. Fuelled by her own education and guided by the wisdom she received, Toni decided she would stand as a guardian of her own story, determined to carve out a sacred space within the operating room. Seeing her unwavering resilience, Toni’s fellow employees recognised the significance of her vision and came together to create a beautiful, reverent atmosphere for her birth.

The ripples of her birth extended far beyond her own journey, igniting change in the face of tradition within the hospital. Today, she shares the birth preferences she requested to facilitate a gentle arrival for her son, along with the unwavering support she received from her community throughout her pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @ticki_tole87

Student midwife/Photographer: @jesstookthat

Resources: @coreandfloorrestore

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