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Chapter 75. You're not putting those three tablas in my bunk.
Episode 754th October 2021 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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**you will have to insert the sound of klaxons in your head**

Would you believe it we have only gone and got to seventy five...?!!

Initially we kept the celebrations on the down-low, preferring to cancel the ticker tape parade in favour of dog-whispering, junior football training & band-based-beard-stroking.

But as the evening shadows stretched themselves I donned some suitable knitwear, Ant opened a bottle, and we got down to it.

And do you know what, Episode 75 is a triumph of TCD-ness...

Thanks to everybody for sticking with this... purple really is the new black.

Hugs in plenty, cool beans, and run the bath...


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