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Season 2 The Chloroform Capers: Ep. 1 An Abduction
Episode 112th June 2023 • True Suspense • Arthur Pearlstein
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In Season 2 from the True Suspense files we present "The Chloroform Capers." In this opening episode, titled "An Abduction," we visit Charlottesville Virginia and meet a young woman named Chelsea who finds herself having to trudge over two miles on a freezing cold night to get to her mother's home. Along the way, she is greeted by a stranger. He seems friendly. At first.

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A map of the Charlottesville area may be found at The City of Charlottesville appears in yellow, and Albemarle County in white. Pantops is around the area where Route 250 intersects Stony Point Rd. on the map. Grady Avenue is shown (near the center of the map).

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