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Anatomy Of A Past: Anatomy Of A Fall(2023) and Past Lives(2023)
Episode 529th February 2024 • Silver Screen Happy Hour • Lawrence Lozier Films
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Oscars Deep Dive: 'Past Lives' and 'Anatomy of a Fall': A Detailed Analysis

Join Chris Wiegand and his brother Jerome as they deeply analyze the Oscar-nominated foreign films 'Past Lives' and 'Anatomy of a Fall'. They explore storytelling techniques, analyze key scenes, and discuss themes in an engaging conversation. Discover their personal interpretations of ambiguous endings and understand the connections between the young actors. Tune in to appreciate why these films are contenders for the Oscars.

00:02 Introduction and Initial Impressions

00:53 The Silver Screen Happy Hour Begins

01:12 Discussing the Oscar Nominated Movies

01:34 The Anatomy of a Past: A Deep Dive

01:59 Podcast Episode Details and Corrections

02:34 What's in the Glass? Drinks of the Episode

04:12 The Struggles of Last Minute Preparations

07:35 The Start of Movie Analysis: Anatomy of a Fall

09:45 The Courtroom Drama Unfolds

12:48 The Verdict and Final Thoughts

43:58 Post-Game Analysis and Reflections

44:41 Transitioning to 'Past Lives' Discussion

45:11 Deep Dive into 'Past Lives'

46:07 Box Office Performance and Comparisons

47:30 Plot Summary and Logline Critique

48:56 Dissecting the Story Structure

53:39 Reflecting on the Characters and Themes

01:03:38 Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The Wiegand brothers love movies, and they are fascinated by human nature and the art of great storytelling. Have you ever wondered how great stories connect? Listen to the Silver Screen Happy Hour - a podcast for movie lovers!

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