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Mindset and Mental Health with Casting Director Lindsay Chag
29th June 2020 • Breaking Through with Apollo • Greg Bekkers
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Casting Director Lindsay Chag joins us today to discuss Mindset, psychology, and mental health are key for being a successful actor. In today's episode we go in depth on what type of mindset it takes to be successful in anything, but especially as an actor. How it affects your auditions and what you attract into your life. To be a successful actor you first have to have a successful mindset. Lindsay tells us exactly how and also how a lot of tennis equates to acting. Definitely lots of golden nuggets here.

You can check out more from Lindsay at: and her instagram @lindsaychag1

Hosted by Greg and Thomas Bekkers of Apollo Management.

For any questions that you would like answered on future episodes or anyone you'd like to see interviewed please DM us on Instagram.

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