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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 7, 9th July 2020
Creating Goals
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Creating Goals

It may take around 18 months on average for a podcaster to reach a sizable audience, from the moment you launch to when you can actually start pitching to advertisers. Right at the bat, It is essential to set clear goals, not only to ensure your own productivity but to measure your show’s progress. Whether you are looking to monetize, or simply doing it for the love of podcasting, setting clear objectives and realistic expectations is fundamental, this episode will make you evaluate your goal setting and help you model it around your own take on podcasting.

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(01:08) - Understanding the differences between goals and purpose — “We always recommend thinking about podcasting as another arm of your overall strategy.”

(02:50) - Is podcast revenue even achievable? All you need to know about monetization. — “It’s not impossible, but it does take some time and effort.”

(05:17) - How companies could benefit from internal podcasting. — “You want to get your employees to engage with the content that you’re putting out there.”

(07:17) - Podcasting as a hobby and the value of small wins — “You’ll be in a great spot to see or feel success from what you’re creating.”

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