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188. How to Breakthrough a Business Plateau: Navigating the S-Curve of Entrepreneurship
Episode 18811th September 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Do you find yourself caught in a web of business challenges that seem to be holding you back? 

If so, trust me when I say you’re not alone!

Running a business is a journey full of ups and downs. For every business owner, there comes a point where you've experienced initial growth, but suddenly, you hit a plateau

This plateau is referred to as the dreaded S-curve, a phase where entrepreneurs often feel capped in growth, overwhelmed, and unsure of their next steps. In this episode, we'll break down what the S-curve is, explore its causes, and dive into strategies for not only surviving but thriving during this phase of business evolution. 

Remember, you're not starting over; you're stepping into a new phase armed with experience, knowledge, and the drive to reach new heights!

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