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Dr. Keith Smith On Creating A High-Quality Healthcare Alternative
Episode 1874th May 2023 • Healthcare Americana • Christopher Habig
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On this episode of Health Americana, host Christopher Habig, the CEO and co-founder of Freedom Health Works interviews Dr. Keith Smith, managing partner anesthesiologist at the Surgery Center of Oklahoma. Dr. Smith shares his passionate story about leaving the hospital system behind to start a private practice. His motivation to explore this passion was driven by the realization that hospitals were not operating in a mutually beneficial way and were financially harming both physicians and patients due to the government's heavy-handed price controls.

Habig and Smith go on to explain that the Surgery Center of Oklahoma has become a recruiting tool for hospitals seeking to hire physicians, which is ironic as the Surgery Center of Oklahoma was initially targeted by hospitals for elimination. The center is selective about the physicians it works with and only accepts those who meet its quality standards, which has led to the Surgery Center of Oklahoma being seen as a police of quality in the industry.

In closing, Dr. Keith Smith advises listeners who are interested in stepping outside the confines of hospitals to make sure their heart is in the right place and to look for a facility that is struggling.

Show Notes


An Anesthesiologist's Decision to Leave the Hospital System Due to Government Price Controls


Interview with Dr. Keith Smith on the Business and People Aspects of Running a Surgery Center


The Power and Beauty of the Market: Overcoming Legislative Intervention and Business Shenanigans.


Expert Advice on Starting an Orthopedic Surgery Center: Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

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