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Moon Knight Episode 3: The Friendly Type
Episode 3019th April 2022 • What's Our Verdict Archive • What's Our Verdict
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Harrow and his followers discover the location of Ammit's tomb in the desert. In Cairo, Spector and Grant both experience blackouts while tracking a lead to Harrow's location. After failing to gain information, Khonshu calls a council between his fellow Egyptian gods and their avatars to warn them of Harrow's plans, but Harrow successfully denies the accusation. Hathor's avatar, Yatzil, tells Spector to find the sarcophagus of a medjay who knew of the location of Ammit's tomb. Layla finds Spector and takes him to meet with Anton Mogart, an acquaintance of Layla's who owns the sarcophagus. Harrow arrives and destroys the sarcophagus, forcing Spector, Grant, and Layla to fight off Mogart's men and escape into the desert. Grant assembles some of the sarcophagus fragments into a star map, but it is two thousand years out of date. Khonshu uses his powers to briefly turn back the night sky to the correct night, allowing Grant and Layla to find the location of Ammit's tomb. The other gods imprison Khonshu in an ushabti for this, leaving Grant and Spector's body unconscious and powerless.

Guest host Taylor brings a deep knowledge of DID and shares it freely. JJ has a lot of questions about DID and its representation. Mattson wants to know what a Nerdgasm sounds like. Alec praises Oscar Isaac and questions JJ's commitment.