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Ep 101 New Wild Epidemic in Milwaukee 😳, Explosive Diarrhea Shuts Down Ultimate Slip and Slide, Marilyn Monroe Not Safe from Cancel Culture
Episode 10114th July 2021 • No Reason • Nola J
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The No Reason Podcast with Nola J. aka Chocolate Blonde featuring Don Suave'.

00:00 Intro

03:13 How to Be a Guest on the No Reason Podcast

05:00 Lady Sets Husband's Hair On Fire On Suspicion of Poisoned Chicken Wings

09:19 Man Dumps 80,000 Pennies in Front Lawn for Final Child Support Payment

14:34 America's Most Successful Squatter Has Been Rent Free for 20 Years

15:36 CDC Doesn't Want Your Mud Butt to Contaminate the Pool

16:58 Florida Man Charged With Murder After "Discovering" a Body and Calling 911

19:13 Florida Man Pulls Gun on Starbucks Barista Over Botched Cream Cheese

22:22 Thanksgiving Next to Be Cancelled??

25:25 Marilyn Monroe Statue Cancelled Too?

28:59 Seedless Watermelon is Racist

29:22 Statue of Liberty May Be Cancelled for "Unfulfilled Promises"

31:24 Lionel Richie Was the "Safe" Rick James

32:59 Jizzle and Swizzle Debate the Best XXL Freshmen Class

37:25 Verzuz Recap

43:22 New Kind of Epidemic On the Rise in Milwaukee

44:30 Explosive Diarrhea Forces Ultimate Slip and Slide to Shut Down

48:08 Jizzle is Being Watched on Twitter

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