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What I Learned (Cole Ruud-Johnson)
Episode 5727th January 2023 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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In this new “What I Learned...” episode of the Passive Wealth Principles Podcast, Jake Harris breaks down his interview with Cole Ruud-Johnson,

As always, Jake shares some of the insights he gained from his conversation with Cole.

You'll discover some of the challenges and mistakes Cole has encountered in his career, many of which have defined his path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Jake discusses the reasons why many entrepreneurs don't know how to generate leads in their business and do it in a scalable way.

You will learn why Cole believes that, at some point in an entrepreneur's journey, the hustler has to die in order to become the CEO.

Jake will also talk about the importance of identifying and eliminating the friction points in your business to allow for growth.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Sequential marketing: What is it and how it works.
  • Cole's belief that many in the real estate industry have a 'throw things at the wall and see what sticks' approach to marketing.
  • How to identify and remove the friction points in your business by using KPIs.
  • A look at Cole's tech stack, as well as some of the KPIs that he focuses on, as both a marketing company and a sales organization.
  • And so much more...



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