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Teaching Seniors How to Drive Safe, Smart and Healthy – Greg Buckley [RR 911]
Episode 91119th December 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Greg Buckley and Carm Capriotto discuss the importance of education and communication to our senior communities. Greg shares stories from his own experience, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and customer satisfaction. The intensity and dedication of senior women attending an event shows there is a need to teach for for them to learn. Show Notes
  • (00:09:21) Greg discuss their impressions of the women attending the event and how impressed Greg was by their note-taking and dedication to learning.
  •  (00:10:30) The importance of shop owners promoting their profession and industry and encourage others to consider implementing similar educational initiatives.
  • (00:24:53) The importance of finding a service provider who treats customers with respect and how to approach a service counter.
  • (00:27:43) Greg discusses the different angles and opportunities for his "Drive Safe, Drive Smart, Drive Healthy" program, including collaborating with organizations like the Delaware State Highway Safety Association and AARP.
  • (00:30:42) Greg discusses the benefits of incorporating these topics into the service advisor training.
  • (00:35:02) Greg talks about using social media, specifically live videos, to showcase educational content and safety issues encountered at his shop. He mentions obtaining permission from customers to use their videos for marketing purposes.
  • (00:35:35) Greg shares a story about a customer who was surprised by a $600 bill after an inspection of her car. Greg discusses how he handled a customer complaint and how it led to positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • (00:41:11) Greg talks about the success of his new store in Millsboro, Delaware and the importance of community involvement and giving back.
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