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Hot Girls Poop! With Dr. Susan Kais
Episode 2117th February 2023 • Doctor X Dietitian • Dr. Betsy Dovec, bariatric surgeon & Hannah Schuyler, weight loss dietitian
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Say what?! Hot girls poop, too? 

From diarrhea to constipation and achieving that elusive “perfect poop” in between, bowel habits are an essential part of overall good health.

The DoctorXDietitian duo chats with Dr. Susan Kais, board-certified gastroenterologist and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) expert, about what’s normal and when it’s time to seek further medical evaluation.

Dr. Kais gives a breakdown on achieving gut greatness on the Bristol Stool Chart, colonoscopy screening recommendations, and the challenges of getting regular - especially after bariatric surgery!

Happy Pooping!



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