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Veteran Voices - Supply Chain Now 3rd January 2021
The Immense Value of Flexibility & Adaptability: Scott W. Luton Chats with Dan Reeve
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The Immense Value of Flexibility & Adaptability: Scott W. Luton Chats with Dan Reeve

In this episode of Veteran Voices, host Scott W. Luton talks with Dan Reeve from Esker, a veteran of the British Army and the Wisconsin National Guard. At the age of 4, Dan had a strong desire to serve in the military. During our conversation, he shares some of his perspective & experiences from being able to fulfill that dream, both in the British Armed Forces and here in the United States. Dan discusses how the military shaped who he was as a person and a leader. He also shares advice for current veterans that are transitioning out of the military. "Be curious and humble", amongst other recommendations, is what Dan Reeve shares in this wide-ranging and frank discussion.

Dan Reeve is the US Director of Sales and Business Development for Esker. He has been with Esker for 18 years. As Sales Director he helps companies streamline and improve visibility across order to cash and procure to pay. Transforming customer service and helping companies utilize digital transformation in order to compete via service/customer loyalty. For P2P it means accelerating invoice approval, paying suppliers faster, freeing up cash flow and leveraging supply chain finance opportunities. Learn more about Esker here: www.esker.com

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