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How Addison Went from the 70s to the 80s on Her CPA Exam Scores
Episode 5610th June 2021 • CPA Exam Experience from SuperfastCPA • SuperfastCPA
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In today's interview you'll hear how Addison went from scoring in the 70s over 3 years, to then making some changes to her study routine, and then going 4 for 4 while scoring in the mid-to-high 80s on her CPA exams. Addison does a great job of describing in detail the exact mistakes she realized she was making, and the adjustments that helped her improve her average score by over 10 points.

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Episode Timestamps

  • 00:27: A brief overview of Addison’s story.
  • 05:32: Addison describes how she was stuck in a loop, studying and taking exams for 3 years before she realized what was holding her back and that she needed to make a change.
  • 08:29: Coming across a SuperfastCPA Ad and watching the FREE 1hr training.
  • 09:30: Purchasing the SuperfastCPA bundle and applying the techniques to her study process.
  • 11:24: Addison making the most of her more productive morning hours for meaningful study time. “Once I watched the strategy videos, it was sinking in that it might be a good strategy to use my most awake hours of the day.”
  • 13:02: Finding what works best for you.
  • 14:35: Addison highlights the importance of being committed, disciplined, and holding yourself accountable.
  • 16:34: Addison’s strategy for managing the weekends in her study schedule.
  • 17:51: The note-taking strategy that proved to be a catalyst to Addison’s success in her CPA exams. “I didn't even really use my books after that, because I made better notes myself. And that's what ended up working for me. My notes were better because they were in my own voice.”
  • 22:05: Preparing for Practice Sims before and during the test day.
  • 25:05: Leveraging a study planner/calendar to gain the most out of her study sessions and to stay accountable.
  • 26:45: Addison passes her exams! “I took FAR on July 3, 2020, and I ended up getting an 83. I was beyond words; I was so happy. So I kept with it. I used SuperfastCPA for REG and I passed in the 80s. And then I blasted through BEC in November/December to take it in January of 2021 and I was done in the nick of time.”
  • 28:20: “What did it feel like to get your fourth score?” – Nate
  • 30:28: Learn Addison’s top tips for people taking (or planning to take) their CPA exams.
  • 32:57: How studying in the morning creates momentum for better study outcomes.
  • 34:35: Addison’s mindset over her 3-year period of attempting but failing her exams—and how she pushed through.
  • 38:54: Share the podcast episodes with friends or colleagues who are working on their exams: “These interviews are the most helpful, free resource anywhere available for people that are trying to figure out their own CPA study process.”