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Entrepreneurial Success, SaaS, and Spirituality, With Calvin Correli
Episode 18712th August 2020 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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What do you get when you mix programming, SaaS, and spirituality? Calvin Correli answers this and more in today’s episode of Business Lunch.

Born to two cutting-edge programmers in Denmark, Calvin Correli is CEO and Founder of Simplero, an all-in-one integrated software for information marketing. He’s a SaaS Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, and Spiritual Teacher, and you’ll enjoy this well-spent conversation with our host Roland Frasier.

“I got into a life crisis around age 33 or so. I had this idea that to be even worthwhile as a human being, to justify my existence and take up space…that I had to be like a billionaire by 30.” Calvin Correli

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Listen For,
  • The power of asking yourself, what do I want?
  • What happened as a result of Calvin joining the Richard Branson Meet-Up at Traffic & Conversion Summit in 2019?
  • Stories to inspire you to take a leap and say YES to opportunities.
  • The simple strategy that helped him move into the US markets (from Denmark).
  • What he focused on first before he started investing in marketing.

So I love creating the best product that I know how to do. And I love offering just exceptional customer service, like at a level that people are not used to. Where they feel seen and supported and heard.” Calvin Correli. 

And so much more!

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