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16 The Qi, Blood and Fluids of Kidney Three • Jeffrey Dann
Episode 1631st May 2023 • Qiological Shop Talk • Qiological
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In this Shop Talk presentation Jeffrey Dann discusses the importance of palpation as part of the assessment and treatment of patients. He emphasizes the importance of relying on our hands to improve our palpatory skills which in turn help to deepen our understanding of the physical body. 

In this presentation he focuses, as an example, on the Yuan Source point Kidney Three, and takes us through the process of palpating for blood, qi, nerves and fluids. And then suggests ways to intervene using acupuncture, moxibustion and gentle bodywork.

Jeffrey’s long experience as a practitioner and his study of various palpatory modalities gives him a unique perspective on directly sensing into the body using our hands. Not only does this aid with diagnosis, but it also gives us a way to see how our interventions are being received by the body. 

He and Mark Petrusi are offering a three day class in Qi, Blood and Fluids in Honolulu Hawaii. You’ll find more information here.