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Demolition Man
Episode 9730th October 2021 • Two Geeks Two Beers • Tom Eames and Morgan Jeffery
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What seems to be your boggle?

We’ve been away for a little while but now we’re back – like a BLAST FROM THE PAST – with an episode dedicated to 1993 action epic Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock. Oh, and Benjamin Bratt.

During the episode, we discuss:

  • How so much must have happened in the world by the year 2032 in this universe…
  • How has Tom never seen any Rocky movie?
  • Wesley Snipes inspired Eminem and Dennis Rodman’s fashion choices
  • Stallone’s golf obsession
  • Why Nigel Hawthorne wanted his name wiped from the film
  • Which fast food franchise would be your Battle Royale choice?
  • How the hell do you wipe your arse with three seashells?
  • Did this film invent the word Boggle? (Spoiler: It didn’t)