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Unleashing Potential by Nurturing Talent and Dreams with Christine Gunderson
Episode 2325th October 2023 • Banking On Business • Grace Bruins
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Dive into the remarkable journey of Christine Gunderson, Founder and CEO of Dreambuilt Books, who was recognized in Insight Publications' 40 Under 40. Christine's work in talent retention is awe-inspiring. From her early days balancing full-time work with studies to her impactful role in youth outreach programs, Christine's mantra "not making it harder to be a human being" shapes her mission to create opportunities.

Discover the pivotal moment when a letter from her past ignited Dreambuilt Books, now home to 9 books with a powerful message: childhood dreams are attainable. Christine shares invaluable advice for entrepreneurs, emphasizing the power of a supportive team.

Tune in to explore Christine's return to Green Bay, witnessing its vibrant transformation. Uncover the shift in talent retention, where employers view their team as whole individuals. Learn about the critical issue of affordable childcare, especially for millennials. Listen to an eye-opening discussion on investing in quality childcare and understanding childhood trauma's impact.

Episode Highlights:

19:25 - You step out of your zone as a child and the world finds you, and it comes at you from every direction. And while you're just trying to figure out how to navigate that, it starts to teach you how far those dreams are from reach, and they're not. And there's a very big challenge that we each face to challenge back against our own thoughts that we've developed to say like, "Is it actually as far out of reach as the world has told me it is or can I actually do that?"

26:07 - I think a lot of entrepreneurs, whether it's the same $270 was breaking the bank or not, I think anyone who ventures into their own business, there is a lot of emotion tied to every hit you take, whether there's a financial or not implications. It's just you build it. I built it. It's a version of a baby.

36:38 - At a certain point, we were told to go get these college degrees. We took on student debt, and then we didn't necessarily have the jobs available that would have commanded the degree that we needed or we were told we need it. And so, we took the job you could get. And you set your career back a little bit because you didn't necessarily take the job that aligned with your qualifications.

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