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90 | What's Your Version? An exploration of how to find it and live it with Tony Bonney
Episode 9029th August 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Tony Bonney, an Australian who has an interesting background that has led him to do truly valuable change-making work in the world. He began his working life as a rock and roll agent and concert promoter, and over time found his way to becoming the strategic mind behind customer engagement for global brands. I think it’s true to say that Tony has always been exploring what creates lasting, sustainable connections. This led Tony to create Grow On Purpose. Grow helps leaders and organizations to understand what makes their best version of themselves so great, and how to bring it into the experiences of their teams and customers; creating lasting differentiation.

Today Tony models his version of life with a passion that you can feel as he talks. He shares his own life journey from rock and roll agent to event organizer to reimagining business with his clients, from both an individual and systemic perspective. As he says he hasn’t wanted to tread the well-worn path in life, and chose instead to live according to the beat of his own drum. As a rock and roll agent, he asked himself, what makes fans fall in love with this band and not that one? What’s the alchemy of things that goes on? This inquiry led to him experimenting to see what worked and through this, he began developing a purpose-led way for the organizations he worked for.

Listen in as Tony talks us through how we can find our own version and begin to live into it in aligned ways and in doing so we shift into becoming more aware and conscious. We discuss the importance of safety, the impetus of dissatisfaction, and how self-determination lies at the very core of successful change. How breaking things down into simple manageable terms, with the intention of just a 1% change that will compound over time is actually the best way to evolve. We talked through the tensions of our times, the importance of context, and what we can do if we find ourselves in a place we didn’t intend to be. So many insights!

If you are feeling some tension within, maybe you are a leader, consultant, or work within organizational life, then I think you will gain some great insights from Tony that will inspire you to embrace different perspectives. You can begin your own inquiry to create capability and human connection in your life and the lives of others around you. I suspect you’ll enjoy Tony's perspective on the simple things we can do to bring more of yourself to work. I suspect you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Tony’s life path and how music has inspired his work
  • How curiosity is important to our lives and enables us to keep growing
  • What steps you can take to explore and discover your version, and then bring it to life
  • How unhappiness and tension is the fuel for change and evolution
  • How you can bring yourself to life in meaningful ways even in the humblest of situations

Memorable Quote

“Everyone has the capability to do the 1% change, it doesn’t need to be big or heroic” —Tony Bonney

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