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Important Lessons for Juniors with Pablo Andujar and Kenneth Carlsen [Ep.214]
Episode 21418th December 2023 • The Functional Tennis Podcast • Fabio Molle
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Last week I got to spend the week at the Tecnifibre junior training camp in Valencia. Tecnibifre brought 5 of their juniors running from 11-16 years of age along with their parents and coaches for a week-long training camp. Their objective for to push the players outside their comfort zone on and off the court as well as give them advice which will be invaluable in their junior career. Tecnifibre wants to help these players as much as possible make the transition to the senior game.

Leading the on-court sessions was former world number 32 Pablo Andujar and there also was former world number 41 Kenneth Carlsen who was there as a coach with a player.

Both were so nice, full of advice, open to any questions and told great stories of life as a junior and on the tour.

This episode is them talking about their experience as a Junior, lessons they learned, advice for the juniors and the 5 juniors who got to ask them a question.

You could say this is an unplanned episode but the advice was so good I felt it had to be shared.

I hope you enjoy it.


Ps. We had Kenneth on the podcast before and tap here if you want to know more about him

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