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142: ‘Reverse Engineering’, with Emil Poulsen
Episode 14219th December 2023 • TRXL • Evan Troxel
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Emil Poulsen of CORE Studio at Thornton Tomasetti and Modelup joins the podcast to talk about the challenges and opportunities of implementing new technologies in the AEC industry, both internally in a firm but also externally as products. We delve into the importance of communication, buy-in, and cultural change when introducing new tools and processes, the culture of AEC tech and the entrepreneurial spirit at TT, Emil’s insights from his experience in developing tools and pushing for adoption within a global engineering firm, the benefits of participating in hackathons like the recent 2023 AEC Tech event hosted by CORE Studio in New York City, and we talk about his work on web-based 3d configurators for digital products at Modelup.

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