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[128] Why a Cyberscurity-First Service Mentality Keeps MSPs on Top of Cyber Trends
Episode 1289th April 2023 • TubbTalk: The Podcast for Managed Service Providers • Richard Tubb
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In this episode, Stephen McCormick talks to Mitch Redekopp, CEO of Riverity Technology Services, an MSP in Canada. The company has become known as one of the top managed service providers in Saskatchewan, while also having a highly experienced software development on hand.

They have a deep focus on packaging together cybersecurity and creating bespoke solutions to help improve their clients' internal business processes. River City won Emerging MSP Of the Year category at the SuperOps MSP Awards.

They talk about what the business does, and how Mitch got into the MSP industry. He explains their cybersecurity offering, and how the software development element fits in with their other services.

Richard asks Mitch about the process of entering the SuperOps awards competition, why he thinks he won and what the success means for their business. They also talk about the books Mitch has written and his predictions for cybersecurity and cyber protection.

Mitch shares the best and worst parts of running an IT business, his plans for the future and potential obstacles he might need to overcome. He also gives his advice for new MSPs, and reveals his biggest influences and mentors. 

Mentioned in This Episode

Mentioned in this episode:

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