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The Art of Healing: Finding Strength Through Frida Kahlo
20th June 2023 • In Confianza • Project Pulso
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Thania Betancourt Alcazar, a member of the art group “The Phoenix Fridas” discovered a lifeline in the art of Frida Kahlo.  By embracing Frida's spirit of resilience Thania found the inner strength to confront her own tragedies and transform her pain into a cathartic artistic journey.

This episode was produced by Anthony Wallace with editorial support and guidance from Charlie Garcia.  Audio Engineering and scoring by Anthony Wallace & Charlie Garcia.  Mixing by Charlie Garcia, original music composed by Julian Blackmore & Anthony Wallace. Additional support from Jackie Noack. The hosts of The Pulso Podcast are Maribel Quezada Smith & Liz Alarcón.

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