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Breaking News: Golden Gate Bridge Incident Unfolds, My Announcements & Trump’s Trial, and Israel
Episode 8716th April 2024 • The Graceful Warrior • Monica
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Hello Graceful Warriors! This week we are discussing-

Breaking News: Golden Bridge Incident Unfolds, My Announcements & Trump’s Trial, and Israel


Hello, I'm glad you joined us today. Check out what we are discussing today.

Golden Bridge Incident: On April 15, 2024, a significant protest took place on San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Demonstrators, advocating for peace in Gaza, managed to shut down the bridge for approximately five hours. They used vehicles and chains to block traffic lanes, displaying a sign that read “Stop the world for Gaza.” The California Highway Patrol reported that around 20 people were arrested during the protest1.

Trump’s Trial: Former President Donald Trump is currently facing a criminal trial in New York over allegations of falsifying records to influence the 2016 election. The trial began with jury selection and has been marked by contentious courtroom exchanges. Trump is being represented by a team of attorneys, and the proceedings are ongoing.

Israel is Forever- Because God still protects them.

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