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Episode 4: Reading Scripture
Episode 415th May 2021 • The Good and Faithful Show • Golfran Rivera
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Welcome to the #GoodandFaithful Movement! We inspire, educate, and train God’s people to leverage ALL that He has given us to bless the nations and advance His Kingdom! 

This week we’re discussing a subject that is near and dear to my own heart. We’re talking about reading Scripture! We’re instructed to rightly handle the Word of Truth. And so we will, because we ARE the Good and Faithful!

In this episode we cover three general approaches to reading Scripture:

1. Reading/listening the Scripture to know what it says.

2. Rigorously studying Scripture to understand what it says. 

3. Reading/listening to Scripture to draw near to God and learn to discern His will for your life.

We discuss what each method is and what it is not, we talk about why we should practice each method, and finally I give you some examples to help you visualize the practice for yourselves. 

Thank you for tuning in! Don’t forget to check out the FB Group or follow us on Instagram. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell your wife and tell your kids! We’re telling EVERYBODY. We ARE the Good and Faithful!