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NFL Super Wild Card weekend review, plus what is wrong with Dak and the Cowboys?
Episode 22318th January 2022 • Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris • Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris
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In episode 223 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Rob and Kristie start the episode reviewing this past weekends Super Wild Card NFL games. They specifically break down the Cowboys versus the 49ers. Was there really a true controversy at the end of the game. What went wrong for Dalls and how do they fix it? They also discuss how Tom Brady continues to support the fact he is the G.O.A.T. Kristie tries to disprove this idea, but Rob presents the facts. They also discuss teh controversy of the Bengals and Raiders match-up. Then Rob shares som eTua and Brian Flores news. Plus could Deshaun Watson and Brian Flores end up with the same organization? Rob aslo shares the news that a college football program is being investigated for their involvement in NIL businesses. Rob also shares a story of how a lSU student won hamburgers for a year at a basketball game.

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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