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42: Owning Your Story with Dallin Nead
Episode 4228th May 2019 • The Elevate Effect™ • Kathryn Binkley
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Episode Summary:

  • Dallin reveals that he had a desire for the film industry but after being told there was no money in the field, he switched gears and graduated with a degree in Information Technology (IT). His dream of film and sharing stories never left him.  He talks about leaving his stable corporate career to follow his dreams!
  • Sharing your story makes you vulnerable, but it also helps your audience know, like, and trust you. The key is to reveal bits and pieces of your story slowly.
  • Your story matters! Dallin and I talk about how we may feel that our stories can sound similar to others but what makes it unique is the new perspective that has been given to you!

"A story is always the way to get you to the next level of impact." - Dallin Nead

  • Dallin shares what it means to own your story! Owning your stories means to live true to what you really want! Chase your dreams and once you've accomplished them, own another dream!
  • Dallin debunks some myths we may believe about sharing our story with the public. One of the biggest is fear of what others may think!

"No matter who you are, there is always struggle in our lives!" - Dallin Nead

About The Guest:

Dallin Nead is a storyteller and Video Marketing Expert focused on partnering with entrepreneurs and companies to accomplish one goal - create influencers and thought leaders through video and content that get results.

Over the past 10 years, I've worked in corporate, travel, film and broadcast video production serving major brands like Carnival Corp, Princess Cruises, U.S. Marines Corp., and Teachable.

Through all of this, he fell in love with the power of story, and how it literally has the power to change the world and grow businesses.

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