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Tis the Season...Sellers Loosing Billions in Equity Waiting for Spring!
Episode 27th December 2021 • Billion Dollar Blind Spots • Sean T Shallis
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Sean Shallis your host, the billion dollar blind spots today, we're going to talk about one of the blind spots that happens every year during the holiday season. It's December 7th. When we get on the phone, we're talking to people in the morning about selling their house or possibly considering moving or something like that. The first thing we usually hear is we're going to wait until after the holidays. Nobody buys homes during the holidays. What's interesting is when you look at the chart and you look at a year over year chart during December and January and February, we have exit much activities we do in July and August. And the reason being is because, you know, it's appealing to our blind spot. The people that actually are buying homes actually get large chunks of cash toward the end of the year. They're usually getting bonuses or they're getting their tax returns, or are they getting something that's going to help subs subsidized their down payment where the money that they're going to use to acquire that house?

It's also interesting too, is is that when people are waiting in order to put their house on the market in January, February, March, April, the funny thing is, is sales go down. I actually, for those at that particular time of year, the amount of transactions that goes down almost 10% across the, across the month over month. So what's interesting is you're going to introduce more inventory, which the more inventory you have, the less your property is going to be worth into a market where you're going to have less activity. So if you have more inventory and less activity, do you think your price is going to go up or down? Of course, it's going to go down. So, and ironically enough, when does this start to pick up again, September, October, November. So the hottest time of year to get the top dollar for your home starts and around.

So at the end of September, and it goes all the way through April and again, why does that happen is because people are changing jobs. People are getting warrants to down payments as a result of, you know, bonus season or, you know, cashing in on the stocks or trying to do something before the end of the year, before it triggers it some kind of a tax event. So if you're thinking of putting your house on the market, somewhere in the March and April and may, you're actually pushing your house into the wind. I mean, it's like you're bringing inventory, you're bringing sand to the beach. And when that happens, it actually has an adverse effect on your price. So if you really wanted to get your house sold for the highest possible price in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of stress, the time to do it is in the last quarter of the year, between September and April on our professional opinion and our experience of selling over 2,500 homes in the past 25 years. If you want to find out more about a billion are blind spots in your business and your life, give us a call, let us know if you can. One of our guests on our show, you can actually get in touch with us Check it out on our podcast. Thanks a lot. And talk to you soon!



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