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Lessons Learned from Writing a Book
Episode 2827th August 2020 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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There were so many lessons I learnt from writing my first book. It brought out all my demons and challenged me in ways I just couldn’t have expected. The lessons also helped me gain a much deeper understanding of both my work and how I work. Here were some of my main takeaways from writing my first book to help and inspire you.

  • 01:18 Lesson #1: I can write
  • 03:11 Lesson #2: Make a commitment
  • 03:50 Lesson #3: Writing has to be a routine
  • 04:32 Lesson #4: Plan for it taking three times longer than you think
  • 06:11 Lesson #5: Take a break from writing
  • 07:35 Lesson #6: It will never be perfect
  • 09:28 Lesson #7: Be open to feedback
  • 10:28 Lesson #8: Be super flexible
  • 12:13 Invitation to online book launch
  • 13:00 Your Holistic Business Recipe pre-order offer

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