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Jeff and Alex Podcast - Alex Gonzalez & Jeff Hilimire EPISODE 4, 3rd September 2020
Being Productive
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Being Productive

On this episode of The Jeff & Alex Podcast, the guys talk about what keeps them productive. Listen along as they discuss the people that inspire them, the tools they use to stay organized, and the importance of delegation.

Jump to 5:39 to hear about how Alex digs deep into people’s origin story, and common threads between the inspiring people he interviews.

Jump to 8:40 to hear how the guys stay productive / organized, and the importance of saying no.

Jump to 14:30 to hear about the importance of having a strategy for organization, and the tools that keep Jeff on track.

Jump to 21:14 to hear how Alex is missing certain visual aspects of his productivity routine due to Covid, and how he is coping with the change.

Jump to 26:30 to hear about how the guys cope with the amount of time social media takes out of their day, and whether or not they are “inbox zero”.

Jump to 31:00 to hear about the importance of having a good team around you and being able to delegate to stay productive.

Jump to 33:37 to hear about how Jeff is a big believer in getting up early and what that means for his productivity.

Jump to 37:00 to hear about how Jeff & Alex’s career path differences may have contributed to their contrasting organizational methods today.

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