3 ways to stop procrastinating as a classical musician
Episode 524th May 2024 • The Fearless Artist Podcast • Michelle Lynne, Deanna Petre
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In Episode 5 of The Fearless Artist podcast, host Michelle Lynne discusses overcoming procrastination and empowering freelance musicians. Michelle co-founded The Fearless Artist with her best friend Deanna Petre in 2020, aiming to help freelance musicians build successful careers, a gap they identified from their own experiences at prestigious institutions like Juilliard and the University of Montreal.

Michelle highlights the unpredictable and chaotic life of a freelancer, noting the importance of understanding that many musicians face similar struggles. The Fearless Artist supports musicians worldwide by providing training, accountability, and community. Michelle stresses the need for self-marketing, branding, and administration skills—elements not typically covered in traditional music education.

In addressing procrastination, Michelle introduces practical strategies, including breaking goals into manageable steps using the SMART criteria and applying the two-minute rule, which encourages starting tasks for just two minutes to overcome initial resistance. She also recommends scheduling specific tasks in one's calendar to ensure they get done.

Michelle emphasizes the value of a supportive community, such as The Fearless Artist Mastermind, where musicians can share goals, gain inspiration, and receive coaching. She advocates focusing on one's unique audience and pursuing personal goals without succumbing to comparison or negative voices.

The episode concludes with Michelle encouraging listeners to try the two-minute rule, engage with The Fearless Artist community on Instagram, and pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.


The Fearless Mastermind Website - https://www.thefearlessartistmastermind.com/

The Fearless Mastermind Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thefearlessartistmastermind/


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