{Solo} The Initiation of Bowing at the Altar of Impermanence with Laura Dawn - 4
Episode 429th December 2020 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Live Free Laura D
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As we know, this is a time of great change. 

So how do we learn to navigate through major times of transition and learn to surf the waves of rapid change with more grace, ease, courage, and resilience? 

As we close the chapter on 2020, the year of global upheaval, the year the world as we knew it forever changed, how can we find the wisdom to transmute crisis into the catalyst for transformation, the catalyst for our awakening, so we can pass through the portal into 2021, or whatever portal of transition we happen to be moving through so we can be stronger, wiser and more heart-centered leaders on the other side? 

In this solo episode I am going to explore the initiation that many of us are facing right now, the initiation of bowing at the altar of impermanence, and how if we’re willing to make peace with this often very challenging place, it can catalyze a process of metamorphosis in our lives allowing us to be stronger on the other side.

In this Episode:

  • Wisdom tools you can learn to draw upon for strength to navigate times of change. 
  • The importance of the narratives we tell ourselves about this time of change. 
  • Exploring the metaphor of metamorphosis and the cocoon.
  • Exploring the intersection between Eastern philosophy, the psychedelic experience, and quantum physics.
  • Exploring the wisdom teachings of impermanence and groundlessness. 
  • The benefit of relating to times of transitions as rights of passage or initiations.
  • The power of cultivating a relationship with impermanence. 
  • Psychedelics and bowing at the altar of your own death. 
  • Cultivating the courage to let go and embrace times of change as a launchpad for new creation. 

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