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Ep. 086: GGNP Fight Night: Tyson vs Tyson
Episode 8612th April 2022 • Greatest Games Never Played • Lantern Light Studios, LLC
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A very special episode featuring the dream heavyweight matchup of Tyson Fury vs Mike Tyson featuring guest judges from "Leave It In The Ring Radio", "Below the Belt Boxing Podcast" and "You Don't Play Boxing Podcast". Give us your take on social media and as always, thanks for being a part of the #GGNP community!

Episode 86 Info:


Alex Fitzsimmons - @alexfitz44

Andrew Té - @ndrewTe

Callum Rudge - @BelowTheBelt_

David Duenez - @LIITRBOXING

Simon Walters - @YouDontPlayBox1

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