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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 310, 26th March 2020
Ep. 310 - Power in The Collective Pause: Insight + Support from Special Guests
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Ep. 310 - Power in The Collective Pause: Insight + Support from Special Guests


These are interesting times. Whether you’re working from home, have lost work, or are unsure what each day will bring you as you go into work at an essential business, we’re all having our routines and lives disrupted in a way none of us have experienced before. It’s our mission at Almost 30 to provide you with the tools, resources and support you need to navigate life’s challenges, and now’s the time we need them most. Today’s episode is meant to provide tools, resources, thoughts, + prayers that they can help you stay strong mentally, physically and spiritually. But that’s not all! 

K+L also reached out to some of the most motivational + empowering friends of the podcast and asked them to lend their perspectives and advice on how we can use this time in a positive way and support each other through the uncertainty We are so incredibly grateful to our friends and mentors who offered their support to Almost 30 Nation in this helpful, healing special episode.We hope these messages feel like a virtual hug, and help you feel more peaceful, grounded, and inspired to do something every day that brings you back to yourself.


We also talk about:

  • Processing our emotions + coming together as a community
  • How this moment could lead to massive + positive change
  • This moment in time according to human design
  • The top foods, supplements, essentials oils, and practices to boost your immune system
  • Listening to Mother Earth
  • Build up an emergency savings
  • This is happening for us, not to us
  • Processing anxiety through movement and breath
  • Seeing that we are a global community


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