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A Quilter's Life - Paula Chamberlain 5th July 2021
Andi Stanfield
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Andi Stanfield

Dual citizenship, intelligence officer, high school teacher.  All of these have described Andi Stanfield.  But Andi fell in love with quilting and is now a longarm quilter, pattern designer and teacher.  She helps quilters enjoy, experiment, and excel as they express their creativity in a tangible way.  Currently she is enjoying the challenge of monthly designs for the Island Batik Ambassador program. Andi and her mother have written a couple of books.  Their first one was Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety.  Interestingly, monochromatic does not mean “one fabric”.  It does mean a variety of shades, tints and hues within one color family. Here's Andi with her 2021 BOM This is Andi and her mom, Mary McElvain, with their first book - Monochromatic Quilts: Amazing Variety And this is Andi's Arizona Flag quilt Here's a link to listen to Andi's chat with Leah Day: 
  1. Make Monochromatic Quilts with Andi Stanfield
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